TESLA: Jurnal Teknik Elektro  (P-ISSN 1410-9735 and E-ISSN 2655-7967) is a journal that is a place to load scientific articles on research results in the field of Science:

Internet of Things (IoT)

Physical Object Connectivity, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Automation, Remote Monitor dan Control, Security dan Privacy, Industrial Environtment, Smart Cities, Healthcare and Wellness, Commerce and Consumer Applications. etc.


Robot Design and Manufacturing, Control and Motion, Sensing, Artifical Intelligence (AI), Collaborative Robots (Cobots), Mobile and Autonomous Robots, Medical Robotics, Industrial Applications, Home and Consumer Robotics, Space and Exploration Robotics, Education and Research, Ethical and Legal Consuderations, Robots Software Devlopment, Robots Security, etc.


Signal modulation and processing for telecommunications, information theory and coding, antennas and wave propagation, mobile and wireless communications, radio communications, microwaves, radar, distributed platforms, communication systems and networks, telematics services, security networks, Communication Network, Voice Communication, Data Transmission, Wireless Communication, Broadband and Internet Service, Satellite Communication, Fiber-Optic Communication, Mobile Communication, Telecommunication Infrastucture, Voice over IP (VoIP), Telecommunication Regulations, Security and Encryption, Emerging Technologles. etc,


Electronic Components. Circuit Design, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Communication Systems, Embedded Systems, Instrumentation and Measurement, Semiconductor Technology, Electronics Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation, Renewable Energy Systems, Medical Electronics, Environmental Monitoring.


Hardware dan Software Computer, Operation Systems, Computer Networking, Internet and Web Technologies, Computer Security, Computer Programming, Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Computer Gaming, Cloud Computing, Computer Hardware Development, Computer Science Research, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Educatiion and Training, etc.

Control system

Control System Components, Feedback Control, Control Algorithms, Industrial Automation. Process Control, Home and Building Automation, Aerospace and Automotive Control, Electrical and Electonics Control, Digital Control, Robust and Adaptive Control, Control System Design, Control System Simulation, Embedded Control Systems, Control System Maintenance Optimization. etc.

Electrical Power Engineering

Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy Integration, Power System Analysis, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Smart Grid Technologies, Energy Storage Systems, High Voltage Engineering, Power Quality and Reliability, Electrical Sefety, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Control System in Power, Environmental Impact, Grid Ressillience and Disaster Recovery, etc.