Franky Liauw


Currently green concept is a must in every aspect of developments and human activities. More and more people become aware of the importance to join action to overcome environmental crisis. Unfortunately there are some people take advantage from this issue for commercial purpose, including in architecture. Green architecture, energy efficient architecture, even zero energy building, seemed to be a requirement for architecture profession and architecture education. Unhappily, there are some conditions inhibiting the fulfilment of environmental friendly architecture, for instance: the rich use their money much exceeding their needs, prestigious projects are built just for show off, or other excessive practices in architecture. In the other hand there are many marginal people still can’t afford just a modest shelter, which actually appropiate with the principles of green architecture. As the person who is trusted by the owner, architect tend to do what they ask, but for the sake of the environment wellness, architects have to take the responsibility to find solution from environment crisis.


dualism, green architecture, excessive, sufficiently ABSTRAK

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