Gambaran Perilaku Asertif Mahasiswa Semester Pertama Perguruan Tinggi X

Yeni Anna Appulembang


Assertiveness manifests itself as spontaneous behaviour with a freely expresses
their feelings, aspirations, thoughts and express of speech. This study aims to find
out the description of the students assertive behavior. The population in this study
were all students first grade at University X in Palembang, with samples of 67
students which is male was 10 students (14.9%) and female 57 students (85.1%). In
this research used purposive sampling techniques and the methods for collecting
data in this study used questionnaire. The instrument was constructed by Sutantri
(2014) used Theory Alberty and Emmons. The format items using likert scale with
score 1 disagree strongly; 2 disagree; 3 agree and 4 agree strongly. Reliability
calculation used internal consistency, Alpha Cronbach With α 0.797. The
techniques for analyzing the data were percentage descriptive analysis and
Independent Sample t test. The result of the analysis shows that mean empiric was
2,97 and mean hipotetic was 2.50 (2.97>2.50). The result of the data shows that 63
(94%) students of high level category assertive behavior and 4 students (6%) of low
level category assertive behavior. It means that the assertive behavior of students
in first grade at university X of high level category. In this research also assessed
the difference between assertive behavior and gender used Mann Whitney U test.
The result shows that Mean Rank 66.30 (Male) and 62.17 (Female) with p values
was 0.726 > 0.05. It means that there is no difference between assertive behavior
and gender.


Assertive behavior; first grade student at university



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