Kontribusi Self-Esteem dan Self-Determination terhadap Absenteeism pada Mahasiswa Universitas X

Ade Lestari, Yohanes Budiarto, Sandi Kartasasmita


This research aimed an investigating the influence of self-esteem (Rosenberg, 1965) and self-determination (Sheldon & Deci, 1993) toward students’ absemnteeism. Absenteeism is the intention to leave the lecturers. Self-esteem is one’s evaluation about his/hers’ quality they perceive themselves as having. Self-determination is the act or power of making up one’s own mind about what to think or do, without outsife influence or compulsion. The hypothesis was that self-esteem and self-determination influenced the students’ absenteeism. This study involved 280 participants at X University using accidental sampling technique. Using logistic regression, the study showed that self-esteem and self-determination predicted student’ absenteeism for about 1.7%. In other words, self-esteem and self-determination in this study impacted students’ presence in class.

Keywords: Absenteeism, self-esteem, self-determinatiomn. 

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24912/provitae.v4i1.282


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