Pengaruh Firm Size, Capital Structure, Liquidity Dan Dividend Policy Terhadap Firm Value

Helena, Susanto Salim


This research has a purpose, namely to prove empirically the impact of firm size, capital structure, liquidity and dividend policy on firm value. This research used secondary data. This research used panel data. Panel data consists of time series data and cross section data. This research was selected data with purposive sampling technique. This research was conducted on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) during the year 2015 – 2017. The entire sample used in this research is 102 data from manufacturing companies. The research data is processed with SPSS Statistics Version 21 for windows. The result of this research shows that firm size and dividend policy has a positive effect and significant on firm value. Liquidity and capital structure has a negative effect and no significant on firm value


Firm Value, Capital Structure, Liquidity and Dividend Policy

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