Pengaruh Financial Perfomance, Investor Sentiment Dan Capital Structure Terhadap Stock Return

Debrillianty Marlyn, Nurainun Bangun


This research discusses about effect of financial perfomance, investor sentiment and capital structure of the stock returns on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2015 to 2017. The method used in this study was purposive sampling and get 60 companies. Secondary data is the data used in this research. This research also used the classic assumption test and includes multiple linear regression analysis using SPSS 23.00. Based on the research that has been done, the results obtained are variable financial perfomance that are proxied by return on assets and variable capital structure that are proxied by debt to equity ratio have a positive and significant effect on the stock return. And variable financial perfomance that are proxied by current ratio and variable investor sentiment have a positive and not significant effect on the stock return


Return, ROA, CR, Sentiment, DER

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