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Rachel Nethasya
Muhammad Taufiq


Indonesia has a variety of tourism destinations including museums. However, over time, the frequency of museum visits in Indonesia has experienced a decline. The museum is one of the historical tourist destinations that educates visitors with cultural wealth., so the existence and relevance of the museum must be maintained, one of which is by paying attention to the interior design. The Museum Geologi Bandung is a cultural heritage museum that provides information about geology and earth sciences. One of the main exhibition rooms is the “Sejarah Kehidupan” room which tells about the development of the earth from its inception until the emergence of humans. The qualitative description method is used to present the results of descriptive analysis of the application of thematic concepts towards the "Sejarah Kehidupan" room of Museum Geologi Bandung. The aim is to find out more about how interior design can support museum needs in terms of display forms, concepts and universal visitor necessity. The design theme used is "a journey through time", adapted to the type of exhibition. The application of the thematic concept will create a unique experience for visitors and take them back to the past to learn about the beginning of the formation of the earth, the processes and changes that occurred in it, including the history of the emergence of all living things. Supported by an attractive interior theme, it will increase the number and demand of visitors to the Museum Geologi Bandung

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