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Audrey Priscilla Thio
Muhammad Taufiq


Digitalization in this era is developing rapidly. People’s interest towards reading in digital media is increasing while books, magazines and newspapers began to gradually decline. Libraries in Jakarta needs to be further improved including in terms of interior and facilities in order to increase visitors’ interest. A library is a place to store collections of books which are organized and structured according to a certain system. The pandemic situation is a challenge for libraries to continue to prioritize services to users in the society. This presents challenges towards the library services, requiring innovation and creativity as well as post-pandemic adjustments. The aim is to explain the results of innovation and design development for the DKI Jakarta Regional of Public Library. Through the theme “The Cultural Diversity of Indonesia” by implementing local cultural values and using supporting decorative elements. The application of contemporary modern design concepts to the library interior will be applied to the reading rooms and book display areas by using decorative elements of Indonesian culture in the design of floors, walls and ceilings. The method used is qualitative explorative, starting with the stages of field observation, interviews, literature study and documentation, which is followed by data processing through the analysis stages and implementation of the design results as a synthesis process. The entire reading and reception area in the library uses Indonesian decorative elements with natural materials and colors in the interior such as wood texture and bright and neutral colors used.

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