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Hendrikus Hirang
Jap Tji Beng
Kristoforus Nugrahanto
Sri Tiatri


In the era of globalization marked by rapid technological advancements, online games have become an integral part of daily life, especially among adolescents. Online games provide a platform for virtual interaction and the formation of online communities that influence the development of players. However, online game addiction can have positive and negative consequences for adolescents, particularly concerning their social interaction skills in the village of Ujoh Bilang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. This research aims to reveal the relationship between online game addiction and social interaction skills among adolescents in the Ujoh Bilang area. The research method employed is quantitative, with data collection conducted through the distribution of questionnaires to participants, who are junior and senior high school adolescents in Ujoh Bilang, Mahakam Ulu. The collected data will be analyzed using statistical software such as SPSS and JASP. The findings of this study are expected to uncover the impact of online game addiction on the social interaction skills of adolescents in the remote village of Ujoh Bilang, which is located at a considerable distance (452.7 Km) from major cities. This research aims to provide a better understanding of the role of online games in the lives of adolescents in the Ujoh Bilang Village, Mahakam Ulu, and how online game addiction can influence their social interactions, with the hope of promoting wiser usage. The study found that there is a correlation between Online Game Addiction and social interaction among friends. However, there is no correlation between Online Game Addiction and social interaction in the school environment. Furthermore, a significant positive correlation was observed between social interaction with friends and social interaction in the school environment.

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