Kajian Hukum Mengenai Strategi Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Indonesia Dalam Konteks Globalisasi Ekonomi Internasional

Ariawan Gunadi


This article elaborates the concept of globalization based on the review of current condition internationally and Indonesia's social and economic development. Financial situation experienced by the United States and China in terms of slow down or fiscal hike has triggered sentiments in the South East Asia regional market such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The author views that there are several viable models of globalization, including economic policy, banking policy, capital flow and . macroeconomic management. These models of globalization may not be the same in the future. Changes in globalization could change the composition of trade flows, capital flows, and economic management, which in tum, could accelerate or restrain growth. The regional downturn called for counter-cyclical economic management. Indonesia has limited room for fiscal stimulus, given high debt-to-gross domestic product ratios. Reduced commodity prices have created some fiscal space that has been used for growth enabling infrastru ture and safety nets. But such situation can quickly change if food prices and oil prices sky rocket. Indonesia should prevent its vulnerability to commodity prices by taking a view on globalization and regulate more on vital sectors such as consumption, trade, banking policy, capital flow and macro economic management to sail throught the regional economic storm.

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