PERLINDUNGAN WARTAWAN PERANG DALAM KONFLIK BERSENJATA DI SURIAH (Studi Kasus : Kematian Wartawan Al-Jazeera Ibrahim Al-Omar di Kota Tarmanin, Suriah)

Theresia Vena Fatima Bay Ama, Aji Wibowo


War journalists are jobs that are faced with danger when in armed conflict, so legal protection is needed about journalists, considering that journalists are civilians who have the right to be protected.Violence against journalist has recently increased in Syria, whereas in the present Syria has entered into the freedom of the press. However Journalists have the right to disseminate news and human rights to public information. On July 11, 2016, an Al Jazeera Mubashar journalist named Ibrahim Al-Omar, died as a victim of an Russian air strike in Tarmanin, Syria. However, based on reports from the CPJ, there is no responsibility for the death of journalist Ibrahim Al-Omar. In this study will examine all normative judicial relating to protection journalist.The proces of the conflict itself has succsesflly abandoning all the regulation under international humanitarian law including Geneva Convention 1949, Additional Protocols and ICRC’s Customary Rules, resulting ye causalities of civilian and journalist protection under humanitarian law


Journalist, Civillian, Protection

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