Muhammad Imam Al Gibran


Technology nowadays is not something new anymore, everyone used to have a gadget or a computer to help with their activities. They can use a lot of application easily on it because most of the applications are user-friendly. People nowadays are already living along with technology as their daily basis. A technology which keeps getting developed day by day. Technology is also used on business, to sell their own products, to promote using an internet which is mainly a website, a poster, or even an advertisement on television program. With a website, they can make an e-commerce website which allows customers to buy your products online by using an internet and your website. Later after the transaction complete, the products they ordered will be sent to the customer who ordered it. Or if they bought a program for example, they will receive it right away by downloading it. But some enterprises still doesn’t have an e-commerce website, for example PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia have a sub-business called Waroeng Rajawali. This sub-business sells a lot of stuffs like snacks, drinks, daily needs, etc. For Waroeng Rajawali to have an e-commerce website will be a huge leap to their success because it makes both enterprise and customer easy on doing the transaction. Website is really good to be implemented, but they need a domain to make a one. This domain is not free, and needs to be paid monthly or so. Aside from financial, a website also needs an organization in terms of products, and other data. They also need to be checked up and do some maintenance at least per month. But compared to the profit which will be earned for Waroeng Rajawali, this website is necessary to be implemented for the better future. This is the reason why I picked “Pembuatan Website Waroeng Rajawali” as the title.


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